Characteristics Of A Assistant Coach

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The assignment of this week is to identify the characteristics by which the effectiveness of an assistant coach, a teacher, and a minister. The characteristics have been reviewed and the information follows the following paragraphs. As we have learned, there are numerous leadership styles. However, many of the characteristics flow over into various styles. The assignment also reviews the role that ethics can play in conjunction with being a leader.
The characteristics of the assistant coach are pretty much in line with that of the head coach. However, the main characteristic is being a good follower. A person that has the capability to put their agenda aside in order to promote the head coach vision for the school.
The assistant coach has to have the ability to be loyal, engaging and a good communicator, stern needed, independent, knowledgeable, discreet, positive and a motivator. Loyalty is a key characteristic because the head coach has to be able to trust the fact that the assistant coach is taking care of items that move the team in a positive direction. The assistant coach has to be engaging because they have to deal with recruitment in many instances. They have to be able to communicate the vision of the team and negotiate bringing in the new players. The characteristic of being stern for force is a characteristic that is found in assistant coaches because they have to deal with many personalities. The assistant coach learns the balance between being able to
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