Characteristics Of A Disney Princess

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Growing up my sister and I would fight nearly everyday. We would scream and throw items at each other. We would hit and scratch each other. Dealing with our behaviour was probably a nightmare for my mother. Although, on a rare occasion my sister and I would get along. Many times it was when we were watching television or a Disney princess movie. We would decide who would set up the movie in the basement on the VCR. The other would run upstairs and grab blankets for us to lay on. The one who set up the movie set up the blankets while the other ran back upstairs to grab candy, popcorn, and soda. We would be completely mesmerized by the magic of Disney and occasionally ate some of the snacks we grabbed. All good Disney princesses should have certain characteristics in order to be considered a Disney princess. Most Disney princesses have an animal companion. One example is Mulan. In the beginning of the movie Mulan is given a cricket from hr grandmother for good luck. A little later in the movie Mulan’s ancestors send Mushu, a dragon, to be her protector when she goes to war. In the movie there are many instances when Mulan get separated from Mushu and the cricket, but she always makes sure she finds them. Another example is Pocahontas. Throughout the movie she is followed by a mischievous raccoon and a hummingbird. The raccoon tends to bully the bird but Pocahontas makes sure her animals are taken care of. A final example of a princess with an animal companion is Cinderella.
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