Characteristics Of A Female Serial Killer

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When an individual is provided with an image of what a motivated is serial killer is, there was always a vision of a man who was a loaner. However, the diversity of serial killers continues to be expanded especially as science and psychological approaches are created towards understanding the mind of these killers. However, female serial killers have become a rarer source of violence and disregard for human life especially after psychology has deemed it that men are much more aggressive in regard to killing and murdering. This of course does not neglect ideas that serial killers do exist and have done so for a tremendous amount of time. However, the characteristics of a female Serial killers are dramatically different than that of a male. Female serial killers are much more focused on their victim and usually create a level of emotional attachment. In many of these situations, serial killers are highly organized and can have a mixed bag of emotional attachment towards the victims. Female serial killers are connected to the victims and may have a mixture of organize and disorganized approaches (Harrison et al., 2015). Therefore, it is critical to look at the motive of a serial killer and its possible biological and sociological understandings of how serial killers are created within the female mind. The first understanding is the characteristics of a female serial killer. In many situations, female serial killer's may display a certain degree of mental illness and a level

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