Characteristics Of A Good Leader

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Characteristics a Good Leader Should Possess
BU430 Leadership
Christine Troglen
June 28, 2015
Miller-Motte College

Characteristics a Good Leader Should Possess

The traits or characteristics of a good leader play an integral part in how that leader decides, acts and leads. The actions of a good leader also play a role in how they affect the rest of those they lead. That leadership, for example, impacts the ultimate goals of the group or the company. A good leader must have and possess certain characteristics to be a leader of any sustenance. The characteristics and traits of a good leader not only show the qualities one must possess but also may teach many things that are not realized or thought of as to what a good leader must retain. In terms of learning about what makes a good leader and the traits and characteristics necessary, one can see how or why many people lack in the leadership role. There are many parts to being a good leader and each characteristic or trait plays an integral part that can only lead one to learning more about the many different aspects of being a leader or a good leader.
Leadership involves having many strong traits and characteristics. Others count on leaders to provide the leadership to the team or organization. Your role as a leader is being there to help them make hard-hitting decisions to get through changes, and concentrate efforts industriously on important tasks. Being a leader is about having courage to take
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