Characteristics Of A Good Leader

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Throughout time there has been a development in what traits a leader should contain. Within the development of surveys people are able to decided what characteristics they believe are those of a good leader. Surveys are not just used to see the good they are also used as a form of improvement where people can assess a person’s trait to help them better themselves. Having a standard for what a good leader is, is not necessarily used the same in each position or job field. Some places of employment look for particular characteristic that others may not look at with the same level of importance. The traits of importance that are looked for in a cop may not be the same as of a social worker. Over the course of a month I have been working with The Children’s Aid Society (CAS), a foundation created for poor children in order to present them opportunities. This foundation works with community schools and even contains their own community centers in The City of New York. Currently I am working with a location they have in the community school, Public School 50 (PS. 50). In this particular location, we work with children of ages two to fifteen. Each child in the school has their own unique circumstance in which we work as a community to make them feel welcomed, safe, and at home. Joseph A. Schafer wrote an article based on the traits, assessments, development and expansion of policing. His article worked on creating a definition of what a good leader is in the police force. With
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