Characteristics Of A Good Manager

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Questions Respond: 1) The "Must-Have" managerial skills are six concepts of abilities a good manager should have in order to perform well in the workplace. The first managerial skill is teamwork because the individual should be able to contribute, negotiate and resolve conflict effectively in a team with others members and leaders. The second skills are self-management which is the ability to have a strong ethical reasoning, tolerance of others and most important to meet the obligations of the workplace. Thirdly, leadership forms part of the management skills because managers need to have the ability to influence and support people in order to make them perform multiple tasks. Similarity, the critical thinking plays an…show more content…
As well as having a safer workplace environment where obligations and duties are responsibly and professionally performed. 2) The McGregor 's theory explains how managers interact with others in the social environment of the workplace. McGregor classifies how managers interact with their worker behavior and productivity in the workplace into two beliefs, theories; theory X is when managers expect people to dislike the work and when people are irresponsible that does not meet their obligations. On the other hand, in theory Y managers assume people are responsible for their obligations, capable of work with other and creative. Therefore, theory Y creates more self-fulfilling prophecies because managers allow the employee to have more autonomy of their work. workers have the freedom to work with less pressure; working efficiently to satisfy the complex and ambiguous tasks. Of course, theory X is most experienced in the workplace because many managers do not have an education preparation that allow them to understand their workers. Nowadays managers want to prove themselves treating other unequal. This creates so many inequalities in the workplace because managers have a command control over the worker instead of giving them more autonomy of their work to be more innovative. 3) An ethical dilemma is a situation with an undesirable or unpleasant choice that
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