Characteristics Of A Good Mother

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The traits of a good mother are universal, putting your children first is the foundation of every guardian, however providing for children as a single mother and being a good mother are two conflicting actions, undoubtedly, relative impossibilities. Society labels a poor mother that is on welfare as someone who is lazy, irresponsible, or a downright bad caregiver. Although, what most of society tends to look past is the methodical machine that is used to stereotype these mothers as “bad.” Race, economic status, gender, and class all play significant roles in how these single mothers get along being, what society views, as any negative connotation of these labels (such as being ‘poor’, ‘a minority’, or ‘a woman’) can and will oppress those in a situation to receive public assistance. It is a vicious social cycle that entangles and entraps. Working a fulltime job and leaving your children out of your care is being a bad mother. Receiving public assistance and minimizing working to be a good mother is reflective of a person not trying hard enough. Providing enough for one’s children while at the same time raising them to your ideals in a state of poverty as a single parent is impossible. To be considered a good mother, by the societal norm, one must be readily available for their children. Essentially a full-time commitment, something like a job. McCormack enforces that “…the ideology of intensive mothering suggests that good mothers spend large amounts of time with

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