Characteristics Of A Good Teacher Essay

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Item One: Write a short essay reflecting on what characteristics make a good teacher, using your own educational experiences. Without using names, identify the "best" and "worst" teacher that you have had and support your choices with rationales. What makes a good teacher? Ask this question to one hundred people and one would get one hundred different answers. I have contemplated this question myself over the course of my twenty years in education. The ideas that I have about the answer to this question are not the same ones that I had twenty years ago. In my personal experience being a “good” teacher is something that I always wanted. In recent years I have learned that teaching is not about being a “good” teacher but about striving each day to be a “better” teacher than I was the day before. A good teacher is one who knows her students and her students’ needs. The students are the reason that the teacher is there. Classrooms are filled with students from differing backgrounds and families. As a teacher, one should know her students by talking with them, asking them questions, learning their likes and dislikes and making them feel safe and comfortable in the classroom. The classroom should be a safe haven for students where the teacher creates an atmosphere where students feel comfortable in being themselves and expressing their opinions. Another characteristic of a good teacher is one who knows her subject and is able to extend that knowledge to her students. Every
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