Characteristics Of A Good Teacher

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The definition of a good teacher is one that is dependent on opinion. Should you ask a pupil, you would probably get a different answer than if you ask a teacher. From a student teacher perspective, a good teacher must have a variety of qualities that can be adapted to different situations in the classroom. Three of the most predominant aspects of being a good teacher include the ability to be inclusive for all, the balance between fun and theoretical learning and being passionate.

Firstly, one central skill that makes a good teacher, is the ability to be inclusive for pupils with different learning needs, as there are roughly 286,000 children with learning disabilities in the UK (Mental Health Foundation). During my experience volunteering in a primary school, I engaged in behavioural management. I was introduced to many children with additional support needs such as ADHD, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and William’s Syndrome. I recognised strategies such as scaffolding, where a child who needs extra support is seated with a child who was more advanced and would be able to act as a support in their learning and vice versa. This strategy portrayed that every child comes with different life skills and has something to contribute and how the teacher can include children with additional support needs in active learning through support from their peers. This idea highlights how important it is for teachers to be compassionate about every child’s individual needs and personal
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