Characteristics Of A Hero In The NovelThe Lightning Thief By Percy Jackson

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Do you know the heroes that are around you daily? In the book, The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson is a hero because his quest teaches him to protect others, and tests his strength. My great-grandfather, Joseph Fobbs could empower the world, with his journey as a biracial child during the time of segregation.

My great-grandfather, Joseph Fobbs, is a hero because he has contributed power and inspiration to this earth, as well as to my very own family. The first stage encountered by Joseph Fobbs’ “Hero's Journey” was The Ordinary World. Joseph Fobbs felt out of place in the ordinary world because he was born biracial during the time of segregation. He said he and his family received all kinds of negative comments including ”Negro Lover”, “that little white in you ain't nothing,” “ You still black”, “You ain't light enough and death threats. He also mentioned someone attempted to cut his sister’s long curly hair. Those quotes indicate that Joseph felt out of place because he was always getting rude comments and threats. He also felt misplaced because he didn't know what to identify as because he was so young and he was also worried for his safety let alone the safety of his four other siblings and parents. Around the age of eleven, my great-grandfather’s family of seven decided to move to North Carolina attempting to escape the horrific time of segregation, which means he was “Entering The Unknown”. During that time North Carolina was
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