Characteristics Of A Parent Or A Family Member

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Everyone has negative character traits passed on by a parent or a family member. These traits are used to define our character for this reason Sula follows in her mother foot -steps. They both love men and have a steady stream of lovers, most of whom are married to friends and neighbors. In a similar way, the two times that she has a relationship she fell hard and becomes obsessed, leaving her heart broken and devastated. Like any dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship, Hannah is similarly detached from her own daughter. As stated by Hannah, "she love Sula, but she doesn 't like her". In other words, she loves her daughter unconditionally but her attitude could be hard to bare. As a result, there relationship became distant. We can all agree the lack of communication is a common challenge with mothers and daughters, such as Sula and Hannah. They both have mutual hobbies and traits yet struggle to bond with each other. Many think the only way to improve the relationship is for the other to change their ways which is accurate in most cases.” You can’t change their actions; you can only change your own reaction and response”, stated Mintle. Specifically Sula struggle with expressing her love to her family Mothers and daughters often struggle to maintain a relationship. In Particular, Nel 's family Cecile, Helene, Nel and Rochelle. Helene neglects her grandmother, Cecile who takes her away from her mother as a baby and raised her in a strict catholic household. A couple
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