Characteristics Of A Psychopath

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The Psychopathic Disorder is commonly known as the Psychopaths in this day of age. Although studies have not shown these results, many people commonly associate the psychopathic disorder with serial killers. It is a well-known truth that humans tend to associate certain characters and words with people. The characteristics of a psychopath are, but not limited to male, charming, lacking in conscience and feeling for others, intelligence, unreliability, lack of shame and remorse, drug addictions, impulsive, emotional, superficial love relationships, and poor judgement.

What are the characteristics of a Psychopath?
A Review of Literature
The Mental Health Act 1983 (as cited in Kirkman, 2002) describes the psychopathic disorder as
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Furnham, Daoud, and Swami (2009) state that psychopaths often show “high intelligence and social skills, as well as their criminal tendencies” (p. 470). This disorder is commonly found among “Drug dealers, spouse and child abusers, swindle and con men, high-pressure salesmen and stock promoters, gang members, mercenaries, corrupt politicians, unethical lawyers and doctors, terrorists, cult leader, and black marketeers” (Hare, 1995, para. 2). These results provide confirmatory evidence that psychopaths also tend to develop a charming personality as children. They develop tactics that give the “resemblance of responsiveness and consideration for others”, but in reality it’s only a mask to hide the psychopath’s tendencies to manage and threaten people (Greenacre, 1945, p. 500). To portray the issue in Greenacre’s (1945) terms the psychopath gives a very good first impression, but lacks perseverance and becomes impatient. Additionally, they repeatedly get offended and can’t comprehend it when others don’t accept their “intentions as the deed” (p. 496). It is then claimed that the psychopath “ takes a distinctly positive impression when he is first encountered”( Cleckley, 1974, p.16). The psychopath tends to act like any other typical person and has genuine interest. There isn’t anything queer about them and they genuinely are a happy person.…show more content…
(Gao, Raine, & Dr. Phil, 2012, p.195). The research gather seems to suggest that Viding (2004) (as cited in Cleckley (1941) was the first person to define the characteristics of the psychopath. Cleckley (1941) also stated that the traits found in the psychopathy include: “lack of empathy, lack of guilt, shallow affect, and manipulation of others” (p. 1329). These results provide confirmatory evidence that “the lack of anxiety, guilt, and emotional tensions” are the best way to identify psychopaths (Kirkman, 2002). It is then stated by Mitch and Blair (2000) (as cited in Kirkman, 2002) that a psychopath is a person with an emotional disorder. The psychopath couldn't develop conscience and empathy which leads to the lack of feeling remorseful or shameful (p.157). A psychopath not being able to feel remorseful or shameful will tend to steal and lie a ton. Greenacre (1945) states that the “patients are not deliberate offender; they lie and steal impulsively” (p.496). Levy (2014) agrees that although the lack of empathy in psychopaths is arguable, there is no denial that the lack of empathy causes the psychopaths to “ have difficulties with the acquisition of moral concepts, and the theses difficulties, in return, entail that they lack moral responsibility for their actions” (p. 351). In addition to this, Cavadino (1998) describes these
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