Characteristics Of A Root Cause Analysis

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A root cause analysis is a mechanism used to determine if procedures prompt sentinel occasions. A sentinel occasion is characterized by Cherry and Jacob as "a startling event that can cause genuine physical or psychologic damage or the danger thereof." (Cherry and Jacob, 2011, p. 444) The goal of a root cause analysis is to distinguish the components which brought on the sentinel occasion and to recognize imperfections in the framework which can be adjusted with a specific end goal to keep a rehash of the occasion later on. A root cause analysis is not used to accuse people, and is not relevant when the occasion is deliberate, or brought on by carelessness or a criminal demonstration. Root cause analysis concentrates on disappointments in the framework that can be remedied (Huber and Ogirnc, 2014). Before starting the RCA, a multidisciplinary group is chosen to survey the occasions included in the sentinel occasion. This group is regularly made out of four to six individuals. These individuals would incorporate agents from Risk and Quality departments. Despite the fact that including Nurse J. what 's more, Dr. T. on the group will give direct information of the occasions, they could expect that the RCA is being led to place fault on them. Each individual from the group must comprehend and concur this is not the motivation behind the RCA. The viability of the group will be decreased in the event that this point is not unmistakably caught on. The four parts which should
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