Characteristics Of A Serial Killer

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The attributes of a person 's Geographical location, neurological differences and biological disparities, contribute to them becoming a Serial Killer. Such as whether a person is a male or female. Also, people who suffer from neurological disabilities such as psychopathy are at more of a risk. Then people who live in the United States of America (USA) are statistically more likely to become a serial killer. There are many factors that can drive a person to become a serial killer. But what we do know is that not everyone can become a serial killer. It’s takes a specific type of person to commit these crimes and they are different in a magnitude of ways from a normal person. There are a lot more things at play then these points previously…show more content…
In the article “Heinous spaces, perŽdious places: the sinister landscapes of serial killers” by Barney Warf & Cynthia Waddell states “the locus of explanation for criminality has shifted from simple ecological correlates (e.g. crowding) to social psychology” (Warf 7). This shift in our understanding of criminality to thinking it’s shaped more by class, gender and ethnicity, applies to the fact that we have a wide array of people here in the USA. The very fact that we are extremely diverse which allows for a wide range of serial killers to exist, since their “motivation” can be from just about anything and we have it. It may be due the gun culture we have today in the United States of America. In the article “Empire of Death: Militarized Society and the Rise of Serial Killing and Mass Murder” by Darrell Y. Hamamoto states “Shooting sprees have become such a common feature of contemporary life in the US” (Hamamoto 4). With such easy access to guns most shooters have no issues getting one or many to follow out these tasks. It took to 3 separate shootings within in 3 years for congress to act and pass a law tightening the sale of firearms at gun shows. Which reflects “the allegiance of elected officials to the militarist gun culture” (Hamamoto 4) so is it more of the lack of restriction or the more militartist culture we have here? It appears to be more of the fact that we have a militaristic culture here and that people can settle dispute
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