Characteristics Of A Servant Leader

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One of the traits of servant leadership is looking outside the organization and creating value for the community. True servant leaders will take their leadership role outside the workplace. In our role as leaders, we can bring in the community to foster other servant leadership behaviors. By understanding and conceptualizing, we know what to look for in the community. Then by healing and putting our followers first, we know what each individual needs and where that can be found in the community. Helping our followers grow and succeed, we must empower them and there are opportunities in every community that can help. We must simply go find them. In looking to the community, we bring resources into our own project situations and then we not only use this leadership skill with our team, but find that in leading as a servant leader, it becomes a way of life. . Being a servant leader or embracing any other type of leadership strategies that put people first in an organization is different than being a manager of an operation. There are many differential factors between managers and leaders. Bennis (2009) tells us that a manger thinks about the structure of the organization and the systems in that organization, while a leader thinks about the people. In reality, it is the people that are truly the system and the structure of an organization. The leader realizes this and puts his focus there. Bennis also tells that the manager is focused on the bottom line while the
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