Characteristics Of A Smoothly Running Machine

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Explanation of Issues Forte stated that systems have been compared to machines, bodies, and species (Forte, 2007, p 170). “Characteristics of a smoothly running machine are coordination and an integration of parts; you, the owner, can assume a reliable cause-and-effect relationship among these parts of the machine” (Forte, 2007, p 170). The reason Systems Theory applies to the Brown family is because all of the parts of the family are struggling independently but by determining how each individual is affecting the behaviors of others, it may be determined how to best proceed with treatment.
By examining the Brown family with Systems Theory, it can be identified that the Brown family belongs to several different systems and by examining
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The illegal activity is likely drawing negative attention from the neighbors and has already drawn the attention of the justice system in town. This system would not be identified as a system in which the family is functioning well. Therefore, this is not a resource that would be utilized to build upon for treatment progress. If we examine the parental interactions with the systems they belong to, Steve and Theresa have difficulties appropriately interacting with their system which then in turn means their behaviors will directly affect their children’s behaviors. At the basic level, Steve did not graduate from high school, does not pay his tax returns and has an unstable relationship with his wife. Theresa is in poor medical health and is dependent on her adult daughter at this time. Neither parent stays in regular contact with Raymond since he has been incarcerated which creates yet another tumultuous relationship. However, one strength of the parental system is that both parents still talk to each other regularly and are able to provide support to their children when it is needed. Next, we must examine each of the children individually as well. Bridgette reportedly operates an escort service and uses this money to care for not only her mother and younger brother but also her own children as well. She also did not graduate high school and with the fear Theresa expressed with people regularly coming and going from the
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