Characteristics Of A Smoothly Running Machine

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Explanation of Issues Forte stated that systems have been compared to machines, bodies, and species (Forte, 2007, p 170). “Characteristics of a smoothly running machine are coordination and an integration of parts; you, the owner, can assume a reliable cause-and-effect relationship among these parts of the machine” (Forte, 2007, p 170). The reason Systems Theory applies to the Brown family is because all of the parts of the family are struggling independently but by determining how each individual is affecting the behaviors of others, it may be determined how to best proceed with treatment.
By examining the Brown family with Systems Theory, it can be identified that the Brown family belongs to several different systems and by examining them each individually, we can get a better understanding of why the collective family is not functioning well. The first identified system is the affluent suburb and educational system they live within. The second would be the family subsystems between Steve, the father, and Therese, the mother, and the three children Bridgette, Mike, and Raymond. From there, it can also be identified that the children all belong to their own systems as well. The family may live in a higher socioeconomic neighborhood but they however, do not meet the expected social roles. The family currently lives in non-traditional housing arrangements and engage in a great deal of illegal activity, of the five members identified in the family only two were not reported…
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