Characteristics Of A Survivor

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“Crack!” A heavy rock shifts to the right as Aron Ralston places his hand directly under it, pinning his arm to the rock surrounding him and tearing the skin off of his forearm. Ralston tries many different methods to escape but ultimately is forced to saw off his arm with a small knife. Aron Ralston, Bethany Hamilton, and Hyeonseo Lee are all extraordinarily brave, persistent and patient people that made it through difficult and life-endangering situations. Ralston exhibited the characteristic of a survivor whenever he was stuck in a seemingly hopeless situation, as did Bethany Hamilton and Hyeonseo Lee. In order to be a survivor, a person needs patience, bravery, and persistence. One of the most important characteristics of a survivor is patience. Whenever Hyeonseo Lee was attempting to help her family escape from North Korea, she said “I did everything to get my family to freedom, and we came so close, but my family was thrown in jail. . . I went back and forth between the immigration office and the police station, desperately trying to get my family out. . . I didn’t have enough money to bribe or fine anymore. I lost all hope.” (Hyeonseo Lee, Ted Talks). Hyeonseo Lee had the patience to wait for things to get better, and if she wasn’t patient and had given up on her family they most likely wouldn’t have been successful with their escape. Lee continuously went back and forth between places that were holding her family to try to get them out, and she never gave up for
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