Characteristics Of A Team Members Essay

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FINAL TEAM PAPER Characteristics of Team Members: With a variety of backgrounds, careers, ages, and locales, the individual differences among the team members are innumerable. Despite these differences, however, our Teambuilding Activity indicated a strong parallel among goals, guiding principles, and personal values. Personal values are the core of the dynamics of behavior, and play a large part in unifying personality (W&C, 48). To our benefit, the team members’ values aligned with one another and allowed for a logical and rapid establishment of team goals off of which to base our approach to team assignments. Each of us had the opportunity to perform different roles throughout the course; from the project manager, to those writing up individual sections, to reworking the assignments to better fit the requirements. It was essential that each of us performed our duties to the best of our abilities. “Most teams don’t operate on the basis of blatant pressure tactics, but team performance can be markedly enhanced by having team member play certain roles that facilitate task accomplishment and group cohesion.” (W&C, 422) Our group had an even balance between task-facilitating roles and relationship-building roles. On the task facilitating side, with a short amount of time in the course and the limited amounts of group work that needed to be completed, we all concentrated on getting the assignments done quickly and effectively. When it came to relationship-building roles,
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