Characteristics Of A Transformational Leadership

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Characteristics of Good Leadership Leadership comes in many facets. It is important to pick the right leadership depending on the situation. In this paper the key leadership that will be discussed is transformational leadership. Transformational leadership is a leadership style that has been adopted by a lot of individuals in the 21st Century. It is also a leadership style that leaders in the military have utilized to effectively train new Soldiers. Throughout this paper I will speak about the implementations of the transformational leadership style, the different attributes that are associated with it, and characteristics and qualities of my supervisor. My supervisor was given a leadership scorecard to self-assess her how leadership…show more content…
The second main component is inspirational motivation. Essentially inspirational motivation is instilling “a sense of purpose in his followers” (Schieltz, 2015). All this means is making sure that the members of the team or the Soldiers that you lead are needed and a viable asset to the organization. The third main component to transformation leadership is intellectual stimulation. Intellectual stimulation is the pillar that allows free thought among leaders and subordinates. This part allows subordinates to be part of the decision process and stimulates trust. It also lets subordinates know that they are a valued part of the team. The last component of transformational leadership is individualized consideration. Every individual is driven by one thing, whether it is money, schooling, recognition, awards, etc. Whatever the item is that drives the subordinate try to carry out some of those items so that the subordinate feels needed and complete and will ultimately work hard for the leader and the company. Characteristics or Qualities My current supervisor epitomizes the true definition of a transformational leader. She leads, trains, communicates, and rewards. I chose two main characteristics to elaborate on that she possesses that have affected me the most. The two characteristics that have affected me are communication and the sense of needed education. Keep in mind this is the first time that I am supervised by a civilian. I have
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