Characteristics Of An Effective Communicator

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Every person has different learning outcomes when they complete a class. The following Core Assessment will give the reader a full spectrum reflection of my last 8 weeks at class. To better understand my learning outcomes in Human Communication you need to know What are some characteristics of an effective communicator, a before and after evaluation of my communication, and What I have learned in last 8 weeks. After you are done reading this core assessment you will know how much a have improved my communication skills and you might learn couple of new things yourself.
Characteristics of an Effective Communicator
Going back to beginning of March when I started Introduction to Human Communication class, I had no idea what a good
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I believe this is the only model available in my tool box when the purpose of communication is to discipline. The second type of communication in the Week 1 Lecture, is Interactive Model which is more of a day to day conversation because of the two-way communication nature, where one of the elements offer a response to the other. Last but not least is the third model which is the Transactional Model this model is a perfect example of the complexity of communication since encompass every single element of communication. This model helped me understand how easy communication can be damage by the environment. The reason I went out of my way to explain the three different model of communication, is because only good communicators with the traits or characteristics that I’m about to describe to you will know which model of communication its being use and will know how to achieved the purpose of the communication.
One of my favorites characteristics is GETTING PERSONAL or showing empathy. If you do not make your audience or you if you are the audience care about the message they will not received the message. You need to be interested in the message to be able to provide feedback. In the other hand you need to know your audience to be able to know if the message will interest the other person. J. DeMers, (2016).
By knowing your audience, you will be able to retrieved the types of facts to
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