Characteristics Of An Effective Group Leader

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Characteristics Of An Effective Group Leader Group leaders behaviors can determine how a group functions, processes, and possesses a therapeutic outcome. It is known personality characteristics of group leaders effects groups tremendously. For example, if a group leader self discloses personal information or experiences to a group, it can help build upon therapeutic relationships with each group member (Shechtman & Toren, 2009). Two characteristics of mine, which I believe make me an effective group leader are being able to identify with group members pain and my sense of humor. Being able to identify with group members pain is a way for group leaders to open up and express their life experiences. Being vulnerable in front of group members, allows them to see the group leader as much more then a professional, but as a human being. Everyone has common emotions, whether we experience the same issues or problem (Corey, Corey, & Corey, 2010). I find it easy for me to identify with others pain, for the fact I have had an extremely hard life, since childhood. I am completely open and honest with my past experiences, letting others know they are not alone. I have been in therapy for ten years and throughout that time I have learned how to live with Depression and Bi Polar Disorder. Therapy has allowed me to share my experiences without dwelling or becoming wrapped up in my own problems. I believe being able to identify with others can build a wonderful therapeutic relationship
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