Characteristics Of An Effective Leader

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Good role models are those people that display the behaviours and act the way the others want to be compare themselves to and aspire to them. They set examples that are consistent and visible and ensure that acceptable behaviours are clearly identifiable and that the standards that they require or strive for are not confused. To ensure that you act as a good role model you need to set clearly identifiable standards and behaviours so that others are not confused and know what is required of them. A good role model also are achievers whose priorities are in the right place and have earn respect from their dedication, they encourage creativity from colleagues and unorthodox approaches and tend to question the status quo. You also have passion for what you are doing and stay level headed, you can grasp facts quickly and also see through chaotic situations and are able to get to the heart of the problem. You make staff feel that they are valued and properly supported and assist with staff development. What are the Traits of an effective leader? An effective leader is one that processes the skill, ability and knowledge to guide and influence the behaviour of their team and others to achieve specific goals and outcomes. They also possess such traits as honesty, empathy, passion about what they are doing, they are a good communicator, are flexible and competent in what they are doing, decisive in their decision making, they consider the strengths and weaknesses of their team and
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