Characteristics Of An Effective Work Team

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When thinking about teams in the workplace you think of people coming together to complete one project where everyone is pulling their weight. In a lot of work environments, that is not the case. There are always a few people who lag behind causing the group detriment to their success. When we are in these work teams we have to work together and become an effective group. Everyone has to put forth the effort in order for the entire team to achieve its goals. Characteristics of an Effective Work Team A work team generates positive synergy through coordination effort. The individual efforts result in a level of performance that is greater than the sum of those individual inputs (Robbin & Judge 2009). An effective team knows that they are team players and that they are not trying to reach a goal for their individual achievement but for the ultimate success of the entire team. I interned at a marketing firm that was split into different teams. There was the marketing team, project management team and the sales team. All the teams were working together for a common goal, which was to market people 's businesses. When creating an effective team you have to keep four factors in mind which is; adequate resources, effective leadership, the climate of trust and performance
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