Characteristics Of An Ideal Society

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Iman Dzhambekova
Discussion leader: Tyler Olsen
POLSC Exam 2

An ideal society is considered to be a utopian society, defined as a society where everything is as good as it possibly can be for everyone living in that society. However this type of society has never existed before and continues to be a dream that remains locked up in our minds. Three philosophers who seem to propose an ideal just society are John Rawls, Karl Marx and Milton Friedman. I will be explaining what my vision of an ideal society is and what are the basis and fundamental principles that Rawls, Marx and Friedman use in order to obtain a just society.

My utopian society consists of three important characteristics, these characteristics are: justice (equality), economic security, and world peace. These characteristics are essential to creating my ideal society. The reason why I believe these characteristics are important is because justice provides equality to all people living in the society. The idea of justice also allows everyone to agree on which actions or words are considered just or unjust. Economic security establishes a strong government that provides welfare and security to all people living in the society. And lastly world peace allows for the people to live in the society without any internal or external fear, such as war and/or crime.

One philosopher who believes in a just society is John Rawls. Rawls writes, "For us the primary subject of justice is the basic structure of society, or
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