Characteristics Of An Ideal Student

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Mylithia, the Student Studious, Hardworking, Positive, Persistent, Respectful and Self Disciplined, these are all qualities that describe me as a student. I try my best to be an ideal student, I can not say that I will do everything right the first time but I will always put in the work and put my best foot forward. This new chapters in my life has brought a new motivation to learn and to accomplish all my goals I have set for myself. One way I will reach my desired result is to come to class on time, try to be at school every day unless it's a serious matter, get my work in on time, I will come and ask question if I don't understand something I work hard and do whatever I can to get my work done. I am extremely enthusiastic to learn all these new concepts of English, and to eventually use it better myself now and in the future. Even though I have a lot to learn I am willing to put the work into becoming a very accomplished student in this course, and I will try my best to do what I need to do to pass this class. I will definitely need help from my instructor to achieve this goal, but it will be accomplished by working together to bring out the best in each other. I will be consistent with my assignments and I will go above and beyond to work with you as you work with me to make this a successful school year. In addition to the things listed in the paragraph above I also have some preference in my work environment and also my strengths; to help me get a better
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