Characteristics Of An Interest Group

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On July 4th 1776 a beautiful nation was born, the United States of America. With it came promises of equality and the pursuit to happiness. To meet all these demands, the nation decided to head forward with a democracy. Since a direct democracy only worked if everybody casted a vote, we decided to be a bit more realistic and went with a representative democracy. We the people vote for representatives who then have the power to make decisions based off what the majority of society wants. Then came the idea of having interest groups, groups that are supposed to represent the ideas of the majority of society. Interest groups have representatives pressure policy makers to make policies based off what the people want. That’s what democracy is having the majority vote decide what goes on in country. The characteristics of an interest group seem to correlate with all the values of representative democracy, a person represents a common interest within a group of people Interest groups started as early as the 1830’s. They weren’t exactly called interest groups at the time. Mostly people from the middle class who wanted to associate themselves with the government and help out created charitable organizations that assisted the poor. Although they didn’t exactly pressure a policy maker into creating laws to help the poor, it was the first time people assembled to share a common interest. After that near the industrialization era which roughly started in the 1870’s more economic groups
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