Characteristics Of Ancient Civilization

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In the beginning, we were hunters and gathers. Then, we started settling and farming. Our population started rising, so we needed more food to live. We put ourselves at river valleys to have water; Egypt ended up at the Nile river valley. Over time they developed the seven indicators of a great civilization: Well Organized Government, Complex Religion, Specialized Skills and Jobs, Social Classes, Long Distance Trade, Methods of Keeping Records, and Cities. This is how Ancient Egypt became a great, complex civilization because it shows all of the seven indicators.

Complex Religion is the first indicator. Every complex society has to have beliefs. In Ancient Egypt, they believed in the afterlife, amulets, gods and goddesses, temples, as well as priest and priestess.The first support is the temples were seen as homes for the gods and not for the commoners around them. The reason why is the temples were shown for gods and not many people went up there; the only people that can go into the temple are the priests and priestess. From the book, The Egyptians by Jane Shuter, she says that commoners are never allowed in the temple because that is where the gods live, not the commoners. There are some temples that commoners are allowed into, they are the temples they worship. Next, the priests cleansed themselves before the ceremonies in the temples sacred lake. They perfume the air with holy water before the shrine. The reasons why is this shows how connected they are to their
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