Characteristics Of Anglo Saxon Heroic Period

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The Heroic Era
The Anglo Saxon Period
“Old English”

In every era, of course there are certain areas that defines the way of living of people on their specific time period. Some of these are the style of government, the roles of each gender, the conduct of people, military, language, social and/or economic hierarchy, and more. The Anglo Saxon Era is no exception. In the Anglo Saxon Period, the most distinguishing areas would be the Style of Government, the Roles of Men and Women and the Language that they use.

The Anglo Saxon, these are Germans who went to Britain after the fall of the Roman Empire. They became the masters of the land and the had kept the legacy of the Romans. They brought Christianity to Britain that most natives refuse to believe in but eventually converted to be Christians.

Before the Germans invaded England, the native people …show more content…

Living in this era is the total opposite of the way of living today. In those times, the perspective of being famous or good is quite different but they would meet up in one specific area, being generous. The differences would be that you should be able to conquer and defeat certain things or people that endangers the safety of your tribe. In this time, bravery, truth, honor, loyalty and duty, hospitality and perseverance are some of the Anglo Saxon values. Anglo Saxon, as illustrated by the literary text named Beowulf, the times were barbaric and would require the use of weapons in order to bravely defend the land. in this time, the concept of hero is basically what most of the people wanted to be. They follow the Heroic Code that is consisted of what traits should people have in order to be perceived as a hero. Unlike today, in order for you to be recognized you should have the good attitude that everyone would like and the

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