Characteristics Of Becoming A Man

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What does “becoming a man” mean? When would you say someone has become a man? Becoming a man means, according to Merriam Webster, one possessing in high degree the qualities considered distinctive of manhood; such as courage, strength, and vigor. To me becoming a man doesn’t happen at a certain age, but I think it happens at a time when you possess manhood traits. In the Wake Tech Reader, Rodriguez talks about the independence children want when they grow up in his essay “Family Values. From what I’ve learned growing up, becoming a man means having responsibility, being self dependent, being financially stable to support yourself and possibly others, and having the toughness and grit to get through anything that gets in your way. If you asked me what the most important qualities of becoming a man was, I’d probably easily come back and say that responsibility is. When you become a man you have a lot of things your responsible to take care and do every so often. You have to be responsible enough to pay your bills and dues on time. You can’t just forget things anymore, so you got to be on top of your game and have a schedule to get all your tasks done every day. As Winston Churchill once said, “The price for greatness is responsibility.” To be a successful man you need to be responsible for your actions and everything you do. You shouldn’t have to be told to do something and that’s a part of the new responsibilities that you have. Responsibility is one of the main qualities of being a man and without it some men may not be able to handle what happens in life. As I stated earlier, Rodriguez says kids these days are independent from their parents when they leave home. “What immigrants know, what my parents certainly know, is that when you come to this country, you risk losing your children.” Rodriguez is saying that it’s a known fact that some kids grow up and come very independent with their family and in some cases don’t come back and stay dependent of themselves. He also states that America encourages you to “Become your own man.” Becoming independent is probably the first step in becoming a man. You don’t have your parents doing things for you so you need to start relying on yourself for everything you need.
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