Characteristics Of Being An American People

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Donald Trump once said, “ Sadly, the American dream is dead. But if I get elected president, I will bring it back, bigger and better than ever.” I agree with him. America is losing what all the great people did back in history. We are letting a lot of foreigners in our country. Over half of the American population are foreign people. I’m not saying kick all of them out--neither is Donald Trump--all I am saying is stop letting so many in. If there are more foreign people than Americans is this even America? American culture is extremely diverse because it has changed and developed throughout history. Despite all of these differences and the evolution, Americans do share key traits. Being an American means being Knowing, Truthful, Selfless,…show more content…
Abraham Lincoln was very famous for being truthful. Abraham Lincoln was a very famous president. The reason Americans loved him so much was because he was an honest person. People will like you a lot more if you are truthful. Just know your boundaries when stating your opinion. Sometimes the news show people stating their opinion, or being truthful. Freedom of Speech is something many people take advantage of.I think people stating their opinion or telling truth are good people. Using your freedom of speech to protest against the government, cops, etc. is a good thing because if you didn’t use it then everything in the world would be owned by the government. Americans wouldn’t be American if they didn’t have, or use, their freedom of speech. Truthful is one trait everyone needs. It is a good thing and can be used with a lot of…show more content…
People in movies are very brave, and they are usually rewarded for their bravery. In the Hunger Games all of the people who are sent into the games are very brave. When the 2 people win they are rewarded for winning the games. They get a lot of money and a nice house in the victor village. It is good to be brave because most Americans might be rewarded for their kindness. Sometimes they won’t, but they should always be brave because they don’t know what the outcome will be. People in America need to be more brave kind of like the way dogs are brave. Dogs are brave because they love things not because they want things. Dogs are probably one of the most brave animals in the world. I heard a story about how a dog went into a burning house just to save a person. Dogs are more brave than most Americans. Americans need to be brave and say things that need to be said. I think that Donald Trump is a good example. He might say some bad things, but we are all thinking the things he says. He would be a good leader for America because he would teach us how to be brave. Being brave can have a really good outcome. It may have a good outcome, but don’t be brave just for the good things. Do it because for
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