Characteristics Of Being An Only Child

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Only children are selfish, spoiled, and bratty, or shy, lonely, and weird. These are all common stereotypes of only children from an outsider's perspective. I am an only child. I am mature, independent, and social, even though I may not want to share my last cookie with a friend all the time. Although I may be shy, as an insider of this subculture, I have found that being an only child is a gift and that not everyone follows these stereotypes. Only children are around adults for a significant amount of their life, especially their parents. Being around my parents has allowed me to mature quicker than other kids who have many siblings which has made me more independent. I’m extremely close with my parents because all of their focus is on me, which also puts a lot of pressure on me to do well in everything. I’m closer with my cousins and outside family because at family reunions or holidays, they are the only other kids there. My friends are like my sisters I never had and they make me more of a social person. I enjoy privacy because I’m used to it which makes me an introvert sometimes, and a lot of the time I have trouble making decisions because I don’t like conflict. Although being an only child has affected me some, when I think about all of these characteristics of myself, I don’t contribute them entirely to being an only child. Although I would be happy with siblings, I have learned to be content with being an only child. Only children have always been uncommon
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