Characteristics Of Benedict Arnold

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Are historical figures defined by what great things they did or petrifying things? Benedict Arnold had a difficult life growing up. He dropped out of school and started working with his cousins, but he would often leave to and join the army. He went off on a bad route when his parents died because he went from business deals to sort of smuggling; however, when he heard of lexington and concord he rushed over and tried to get in on the action. He was then bullied and such by his fellow generals. What events can define this person as a hero or villain? It is believed that Benedict Arnold was a great general in the revolutionary war. He fought beside George Washington in the continental army. When he was a general for the continental army he had a couple of successful raids and took over british forts. He was also promoted to colonel by Benjamin church. He was doing great during his time with the continental army and his comrades trusted him, and he was praised for his successful attacks. Even though, a couple of his companions did bully and mess with him, they still found him useful when it came to taking over british forts and achieving bountiful attacks towards the british. He even got hurt during an attack on the british. George Washington sent Arnold to attack Quebec where he hurt his knee. As a result, his attack in Quebec failed miserably. This really shows that Benedict arnold was trying his best to be great man and do what was right. After Arnold had done so many
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