Characteristics Of Beowulf A Savior To The People

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Beowulf Essay: Characteristics of Beowulf Agnes, Cheong Pui Lei University of Macau In the period of Nordic heroic age, the appearance of Beowulf seems a savior to the people. The story of Beowulf, who reminds that in the last years of Eastern Han, a man said to Cao cao, “Out of the chaos come the heroes”, is also suitable to describe Beowulf undoubtedly, the riots need to be quelled, and he must be the hero who is able to save the world and people during the disorder era, it is surrounding by danger and oppression: monsters and retaliation. Beowulf has three battles with the enemies, the monster Grendel invades the kingdom, Heorot; the mother of Grendel revenges for her son; and the dragon attacks his homeland injured…show more content…
According to the background of Beowulf, it is said that the name includes tow meaning. The first one, “Beo”, is the short name in Nordic lexics, “wulf” is equal to “wolf”, thus, it could be translated as “the wolf of the north”; second one is, the meaning of “Beo” is equal to “Bear” in English, it implied that to be a man as strong as the bear. In fact, Beowulf deserves a name like that, a man who dares to against the vicious side without fear and dares to die. Throughout three battles, he never holds back before the peril, and to do everything in his power during the fight either enemy or fellow. In the initial fight with Grendel, he is unarmed and in one on one combat, eventually, he tears Grendel’s arm apart and bring the head as trophy of triumph. The second battle is with Grendel’s mother, one with full of hatred to Beowulf, they fight under the water for a long time; incredibly, Beowulf won and killed Grendel’s mother. The third fight with the dragon, no matter how weak Beowulf is, even his braveness support him to hit dragon mortally, unfortunately he is injured and betrayed by the warriors he trusted. Nevertheless, the spirit of never give up and the magnificent feat impressed people after he died. This spirit of courage is similar to Samurai spirit in Bushido from Japan. In Samurai spirit, courage and bravery are different, “Courage is doing what is right.” It also can be referred to the situation of Beowulf, the battles he fight for is doing the right thing for his family, homeland, and
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