Characteristics Of Brutus Noble

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Titles are granted or inherited, nobility is not. Brutus was a noble and trusting man. Who was well known and respected by forbidden others. Brutus tended to make decisions for the satisfaction of the people. This made Brutus noble, because everyone honored and respected him. Another aspect that made Brutus so noble was how he was always upright and straightforward. His bravery showed the quality of being a good leader. Now, after Brutus’ death, he will be remembered just like immortal Caesar. Brutus’ nobility led his good intentions turn into bad decisions, which eventually ended with the result of his death in the Tragic story of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Brutus’ nobleness always came from good intentions, even if they had a bad outcome. When deciding to kill Caesar was final, it was a the wrong and evil forbidden decision to make, but in the end, it turned out to be for the good of Rome. After Caesar’s death, Cassius and Brutus argued whether or not to kill Antony too. “For Antony is but a limb of Caesar. Let’s be sacrificers, but not butchers.” (1.2.59-62). In this quotation, Brutus is saying that they should not kill Antony out of anger, but to only be angry while killing him. This makes Brutus noble because he tries to find the right reasoning behind doing bad deeds so people do not think of him any different. The people of Rome believe Brutus more than they do Caesar, because of the fact that he covers everything up so the people are hidden from the truth. The quote is led by the downfall of what Brutus had in mind for the killing of Caesar as a sacrificial and noble act, instead of brutally murdering him. After Caesar’s death, Antony went up to Brutus and Cassius and asked if he was allowed to speak at Caesar’s funeral. “You shall not in your funeral speech blame us, but speak all good you can devise of Caesar, and say you do’t our permission;” (3. 1. 245- 24). Brutus is telling Antony that in order to speak at Caesar’s funeral, he can only speak good about Caesar and nothing bad. Antony is also not to blame Cassius and Brutus for Caesar’s death, otherwise he would have consequences. Another stimulation Brutus adds for Antony is that he was given permission by Brutus to speak in
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