Characteristics Of Chick Lit

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Before we begin to think that chick lit is all about cliqued plotlines of young, single, white, heterosexual, financially independent women written in a humorous narrative, we must understand that there are many offshoots to the genre and that chick lit is merely a generic term used to include all these diverse literatures. Cathy Yardley provides a list of the sub genres which includes “Chick Lit Mystery and Tart Noir”, “Mommy Lit”, “Bride Lit”, “Full-Figured Lit”, “Ethnic Chick-Lit”, “Teen Lit”, “Nanny Lit”, etc , each marked out and marketed for its multitudinous categories of female readers. Some of the modern chick lit even feature gay characters as sub characters in relation to the heroine as opposed to the heterosexuality norms espoused in traditional romance novels. Some of the other intriguing sub genres are those transnational chick lits that have been inspired by American and British chick lits, like chick lits from the Arab regions and West Asia, especially India. These are places where the freedoms enjoyed by our American and British heroines are practiced but only in theory. But these sub genres are gaining wide readership and popularity.…show more content…
A.Rochelle Mabry states in her essay About a Girl: Female Sujectivity and Sexuality in Comtemporary ‘Chick’ Culture that, “Chick lit …usually focus on a female main character and use a variety of strategies to make her desires and motivations the focus of the story…written in first person, in the heroines voice, conveying the notion that these novels, although fictional, are authentic, in-depth accounts of women’s experiences.”. It is this movement towards the first person narration, away from the third person narrative as seen in traditional romance novels, which makes the change
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