Characteristics Of Confucianism

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Final Paper

Student’s name: Anna Kim 2015461011
Professor: Joseph Jeong Il Lee
Course: Confucianism, Identity, and Order in Korean History:
A Comparative Aspect

Yonsei GSIS Korean Studies 2015
TOPIC 1: Political engagement, social interaction, and cultural practice in Choson are to be the main key worlds in discussing the trait(s) of Choson Confucianism for your paper.

Formation of Korean Traditional Political Culture and Outline of Its Main Features

I. Introduction
II. Social and State Systems in Choson
III. The Features of National Endemics
IV. On the Premises of Change
V. Changes in Political Culture during Late Choson and Before Annexation
VI. Conclusion

I. Introduction

Korean Confucianism is a form of Confucianism developed in Korea introduced as a part of the cultural influence of China. Today, Confucian heritage shaped specific system of moral values, lifestyle, social relations between senior and junior as well
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Such practice contributes to prosperity of inertia and conservatism. Another negative effect of ritualization is that there is much attention to external “protocol” aspects of ritual. Of course, “ceremonity” during official events is not an element of only Korean culture, however, it is quite noticeable that Korean pay a lot of attention to such kind of elements. The combination of hierarchy and formalism generates a developed system of many conventional symbols that indicate to which particular system and status a certain person belongs. For many Korean schools, institutions and even private firms it is normal to have uniforms as a special form of belongingness. The combination of formalism and authoritarianism puts very strict requirements towards appearance of employees and lifestyle making it more
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