Characteristics Of Cultural Awareness In Africa

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Cultural Awareness is a fundamental part of the NCO community and even the Commissioned Officers community. The level of awareness is vital to one’s survival if presented with the situation of going into an area of the unknown. The country in which is going to be discussed is a vast area with many different cultural anomalies. This country is Algeria. Culture and what it stands for is of many meanings. The one that will be discussed is what most will find in any location that they search. The definition is in short, the manifestations of human intellectual achievements. There are also characteristics involved in culture as well. These can be defined as the following: Learned Behavior: which is developed over time, some examples can be standing in line, chewing gum, going to a concert, and even combing one’s hair. Super-organic: this implies that “culture” is superior to “nature”. This word is useful when it implies that what may be quite a different phenome from a cultural point of view. Pervasive: it touches every aspect of life. Idealistic: it embodies the ideas and norms of a group. Variable: it varies from society to society, group to group. These are just some of the many characteristics of culture. The cultural characteristics of Algeria are language, demographics, government, economy, and military. The first thing that is going to be looked at is the country’s language. Algeria’s language is filled with a wide variety. Languages like Arabic which is
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