Characteristics Of Dr Mahathir

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1. A true leader a person who start his dreams in the filth, rise slow and step by step and achieve his visions in such a way that change the entire portfolio of his nation and change the living standards, contributed to a sense of national identity, pride and confidence that had not existed before.
2. Mahathir as a legendary leader of extraordinary vision, who has single-handedly transformed, modernized, industrialized, and strengthened the national economy. Dr Mahathir Mohammad, the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia and known as greatest leader in Malaysia. He is a very well-known political leader who served as Prime Minister of Malaysia for 21 year, this cause him become
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Mahathir’s leadership attributes played a vital role in his leadership style. He developed these attributes through continues learning and his built-in intellect. The various attributes are analyzed in succeeding paragraphs
Determination and Consistency
11. Determination was the strongest attribute of Dr Mahathir’s personality. He always got whatever he wanted in his life due the fortitude in his personality and then binding it deep with consistency. He started his career as medical doctor but due to his concerns about the problems of the local community services, the economic and political problems of the people of Malaya, he participated in the politics and due to his willpower and determination became the strongest Prime minister if the country.
Intellectual Capacity
12. Dr Mahathir had outstanding intellectual capability and ability to learn cognitively. His understanding on economics, politics, education, Socio-economic systems helped him in switching role from a Political leader to an economic reformer and social scientist. He led the country towards modernization very fast and cause prosperity on all levels of Malaysian society due his unmatched vision and intellectual
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