Characteristics Of Dracula And Frankenstein

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The late 18th to early 19th centuries rightfully hold the title as the birthplace of the gothic, in which the monsters that we have come to know and love found their creation. Since then, countless renditions and interpretations have been made concerning said ferocious beasts, or so they once were. Society and the media have worked hand in hand to reconstruct and strip away many of the characteristics and ideals that once defined these monsters. Those which were once looked upon in terror have now, in some cases, been modified to be anything but that. The humanizing of monsters such as Dracula and Frankenstein’s Creature has caused a frenzy of “modern monsters” to take over television. Depicting the slightest similarities in order to identify their relation with early monsters, these malicious beasts have been humanized by society in order to fit the “feel good” entertainment that aims to please the vast majority. Demands have changed since the Victorian and Romantic era that supplied us with these novels. John Edward Browning said, “Monsters are cultural constructions of the terrible that define what it is we subconsciously fear and what it is we’re told to hate or love.” He adds, that the definition of monsters change over time and with each generation (University of Buffalo). In order to maintain relevance, I believe that the original gothic monsters have been modified to acquire the humanized characteristics that modern day society desires. Known worldwide, Dracula has

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