Characteristics Of Dystopian Literature

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Dystopian literature in strong contrast to works of utopia are works that presents a negative view of society and humankind. Dystopias work around a few key characteristics such as, technological advances that enslave humans, division of people into groups with unique functions; and a loss of history making the people easier to manipulate psychologically.
We can see the technological advances and the result of those advances profoundly in Do Androids Dreams of Electric Sheep. This is seen with two profound incidents, when the humans in the novel would dial codes on their alarm clocks to sustain various moods as well as when we see animals and humans created in the mold of androids which are made to look so realistic that they cannot be
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The reason the division of people is prevalent in a dystopian society is due to the sheer effectiveness of being able to control people when you are able to keep them separate and refuse to allow them to interact with each other therefore preventing the spread of ideas and keeping them around the same ideas, thoughts, and words as their own preventing concepts of enlightenment, globalization, and spread of knowledge.
The loss, deletion, and destruction of history and knowledge is another vital component and characteristic of a dystopia. This is due to the fact that a dystopia can quite easily control its population if the population has no idea of the past. This is clear when looking at the novel “Fahrenheit 451”. We see the main character Guy Montag as a ‘fireman’ someone who does not put out fires but rather someone who burns books and destroys those who do not comply with this book burning ideal. As famously stated in “Fahrenheit 451”, “A book is a loaded gun in the house next door...Who knows who might be the target of the well-read man?” (Bradbury). History and prior knowledge gives us the unique ability to look into the past, see what happened, embrace unique ideas, create opinions and verify facts. These abilities however are a direct threat to dystopian entities. Without history, without facts population manipulation becomes extremely easy. With the
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