Characteristics Of Effective Leadership Styles

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Characteristics of Effective Leadership Styles

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Perry Barton, Instructor

MGMT-1115 Leadership

William Allen

June 21, 2015

What are the effective leadership styles? More importantly what are the characteristics of these styles. This paper will discuss in detail three topics and how they relate to effective leadership styles. We will start by evaluating business situations to determine whether the leadership style is participative, autocratic, leadership grid based or entrepreneurial. Next we will compare and contrast the leadership styles in various situations based upon the leadership differences by gender. Lastly, we will decide the best leadership style for specific situations. Different business situations require specific leadership styles. These leadership styles include participative, autocratic, leadership grid based and entrepreneurial. The Participative leadership style is characterized by a leader who turns to the team for input, ideas, and observations instead of making all decisions on their own. The leader recognizes that the team has skills and ideas that could benefit the decision making process. Participative leadership requires the whole team to be involved. Benefits of this style of leadership includes having subordinates feeling empowered and important. Its also able to give different strategies and decisions from perspectives of other people which can benefit decision making in that the decision in not…
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