Characteristics Of Effective Professional Development Schools

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1. Applied research is research that focuses on a problem that needs to be solved. The results are usually directly relevant to decision making (McMillan, 2012). Examples of articles I have read involving applied research were those focused on identifying the characteristics of effective Professional Development Schools or Professional Development School models.

2. Mixed-method research uses both quantitative and qualitative methods. For example, I might be involved in looking at surveys and interviews of randomly selected school counselors who had completed a special Certified Facilitators training. Once trained, these counselors serve as their school’s facilitator for the MBF Child Safety MattersTM curriculum; a developmentally appropriate curriculum focused on the prevention of bullying, cyberbullying, and all types of child abuse. The purpose of the mixed-method research would be to study curriculum implementation among selected Certified Facilitators.

3. An abstract is a brief summary of a research study. Abstracts are extremely helpful as they allow me to quickly determine the study’s main focus and decide whether or not to read the entire report.

4. A variable is made up of attributes or levels. It is a characteristic or concept that involves variations. Variables can take on different values or be divided into categories. Examples include family income, home zip code, and age. Recently, while preparing to write the narrative for a grant application, I
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