Characteristics Of Forest Owls

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Found in grasslands or open country for foraging, and nest in tall, dense trees or shrubs. Long-eared Owls are nocturnal and spend their day sleeping in trees. They hunt at night by using eyesight and hearing to catch prey.

2. Woodland Jumping mouse:
Woodland jumping mice are found in wooded areas, they prefer cool areas with dense vegetation. Woodland jumping mice eat fungi, caterpillars, fruits and other plant material. When walking slowly they walk on all fours, when escaping they leap then stop and hide

3. Ring-billed Gull: Ring-billed Gulls can be found near lakes, bays, and gulfs. Most of the time they do their feeding on land, they get food from garbage dumps and other places where there may be food scraps.

4.Pine Siskin:
Pine Siskin are small finches with brown and yellow feathers. They prefer to live in a forest with open canopies. They feed on seeds and visit feeders during the winter.

5. Eastern Cottontail Rabbit:
Prefers to live in the wooded and open land, they can be found in bushy areas, fields, and swamps. The eastern cottontail eats a variety of different plants, including grass, fruits and vegetables.

Plants Native to Toronto

1.Red Ash Tree:
Naturally grow fertile soil near stream banks and disturbed areas. Trees can grow to 40-120 feet tall.

2. Hemlock Tree: Hemlock trees are a type of evergreen tree, in the wild, they can grow up to 80 feet tall. Adapted to moist, cool areas with high rainfall.
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