Characteristics Of George Washington

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George Washington, without a doubt can be considered the “indispensable man” because of his absolute force of character, his remarkable reputation, he never abused or wanted to glorify his power, and he voluntarily surrendered power when a job was done. Without him, this country would most definitely not be what it is today; he did have his flaws as well. For example, as a soldier he was said to sometimes act rashly and have poor judgement on the battle field, he was addicted to gambling, and visited quite a few brothels most frequently. People have said he was vain, pretentious, and hot tempered; sounds like a typical man but back to the topic. Even though he had his flaws, which who doesn’t, he was extremely admired, respected, and revered by his peers and the public and was beyond trustworthy.

President George Washington filled a need for someone that American’s could trust. He took up the reigns against the war King George III, who at the time was loved by his people, turned on everyone and started a war. Once that happened Americans embraced Washington whole-heartedly and with open arms and it was said that the man was invincible, God favored him, and honestly, what man wouldn’t ride into battle with someone like that to follow? The first President was said to live by a quote that he took to heart from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. In the play Polonius says: “This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be
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