Characteristics Of Identical Twins

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In our opinion, twins reared in different conditions will display some of the same traits. However, it depends on certain aspects as well. To start off, Twin studies are a significant tool to investigate the nature versus nurture argument. Identical twins, or monozygotic twins, are siblings that have the exact same genotypes whereas fraternal twins are dizygotic twins that only share half of their genes together. Fraternal twins are similar to siblings, except they have of the exact age. As Plomin, DeFries, McClearn, and Rutter (1997) stated that “if one twin has dark hair, then the other twin has dark hair as well; where the concept of identical genes would ideally distribute itself towards the phenotypes of behavior and personality of identical twins”.
Twins reared in
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Parents who dress their twins up in the same outfits or get them the same set of toys does not contribute to twins who have the same traits. It shows that a common environment does not give much impact in developing personalities. Mischel (1981) has also attested to this issue saying that genes and glands are different, but social learning plays a dramatic role. People develop vast differences through the stimuli they face in their daily life. Despite being reared in the same environment (their home), both twins could have had different sets of friends. Thus, going through their school years having different experiences and facing different challenges. As a whole they will have completely different hobbies and interests.
Hence, we think that twins will display the same trait even though they were brought up in different environments because traits have more to do with genetics rather than environment. Which is why identical twins are more similar when compared to fraternal twins despite both being reared apart. This is due to the higher similarity in genetic makeup for identical twins when compared to fraternal
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