Characteristics Of Juvenile Sex Offenders

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Juvenile Sexual Offending Sex offenders are described as a person who commits a crime involving a sexual act. They are people convicted for sexual crime in a criminal court. Sex offenders make a high percentage of the offender population and are considered special circumstance offenders. Sex offenders typically use sex as a coping mechanism. Juvenile sex offenders are those age from adolescences to an adult, who committed a sexual act without consent both physically and verbally. The difference between the adult sex offender and juvenile is the fixed age typically 12-17 years of age. The adolescents are usually separated from the adult system by which their punishments are less severe and more focused on rehabilitation. There are many…show more content…
(refrence) Before in the 1800s, juveniles were tried just like any other person. Kids from just seven years old were imprisoned. The progressives in the nineteenth century, helped transform from a punishment approach to more rehabilitation. Preventions The trauma related with the abuse leads to negative effects mentally and harmful behavior. Adolescent are less likely to repeat offenses. They are nevertheless more likely to participate in other delinquent acts. When trying to figure out where to place these adolescents you must focus on the dangerousness, most appropriate way to treat them, recidivism and the amount of violence. If there are patterns, if they show aggression and have a support system or if they tried other programs for sex that failed. During the court of law usually where it ends up if they are guilty or not also determines their consequences. There are numerous treatment plans for these young sex offenders. There is one treatment called the National Adolescent perpetrator network. Its stated as an offender they are accountable for their crimes. Meetings and social gatherings with one another are very suitable treatments. Of course, the main issue to stop offending is by stopping them from further abusing and making it a safer for public. The only issue with sex offenders is they will always have this issue, they just need to learn
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