Characteristics Of Learning Individuals With Learning Disabilities

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Learning disabilities is a general term to describe a group of learning problems. Students with LD are highly represented in general education classes. LD is the largest single disability area. The cause of learning disabilities remains unknown but are believed to have been associated with some kind of brain function. Organic, genetic, and environmental are three major factors that have been hypothesized as possible causes. Organic factors include indications of brain differences in size or functioning. Genetic factors include heredity, where a student with a reading/writing problem shares the same problem with another close family member. Environmental factor includes poor diet and nutrition as well as exposure to toxins such as alcohol smoke and drug use mostly before birth. Individuals with learning disabilities possess a variety of characteristics that distinguish them from other students. However, not all individuals with learning disabilities have all the characteristics described in this section. Characteristics of Learning disabilities can be found in 1). Language and literacy 2). Mathematics 3). Attention and memory 4). Thinking and Reasoning 5). Metacognitive Abilities 6). Social-Emotional Functioning and lastly 7). Generalization and application . Language and Literacy: Students will experience difficulty with both expressive and receptive language including includes discriminating between sounds, misunderstanding grammar, understanding subleties in

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