Characteristics Of Life In Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book

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Everyone has different personality traits. These affect how we react to people, important decisions, and situations. You are shaped by your family, and your education. In Bod’s early childhood, he was raised and taught by the different dead people in the graveyard. Bod’s life starts resembling his family, friends, and education. He tends to take on attributes of the dead people he meets in the graveyard. However, fortunately for Bod he has human interactions with people outside of the graveyard. Bod’s human interactions with Scarlett, Abanazer Bolger, and the bullies at school give him more characteristics of life than death in Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book. Bod’s first human interaction was with Scarlett Perkins. “She was a little older than he was, a little taller, and was dressed in bright colors, yellow and pink and orange.”(40) Scarlett was Bod’s first exposure to life since he was a toddler. Bod gained many human characteristics that he learned from being friends with Scarlett. She first introduced color to Bod’s life by wearing bright colored clothes. Bod wore a grey winding sheet that made him feel dowdy and drab. Later in the novel, Silas brings Bod home some real clothes. “Silas produced a grey sweater the color of Bod’s winding sheet, a pair of jeans, underwear, and shoes—pale green sneakers.”(148) Silas gets Bod normal, living peoples’ clothes which are a characteristic of life. His shoes are also pale green, which is the first thing with color Bod owned.

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