Characteristics Of Low Income Family

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What is considered a low-income family Poor is defined as 100 percent of the federal poverty level while low income is defined as 200 percent of the federal poverty level. In 2013, if a family of four income was making less then $23,624 they were considered at the federal poverty line and $47,248 was considered low income. Parent’s education also factors into the low-income characteristic. According to the NCCP (National Center for Children in Poverty) and a publication by Sophia Addy and Vanessa Wright, 85% of children’s parents who have less than a high school degree, 7.4 million of those families live in low-income families. 9.8 million of those parents who have no more than a high school diploma is considered a low-income family. Out of the 30% of children’s parents with at least one parent who has some college or more education, 14.7 million of those families live in low-income families. (Addy & Wright, 2012.) Parent’s employment can also influence low-income. 88% of children belong to a family where there are no employed. 6.4 million children belong to this family. Family structure also influences, 15.5 million families are considered low-income with marries parents.
Lack of Insurance According to Addy & Wright, with children under the age of 18, twelve percent of low-income families and eleven percent of poor families are without health insurance. Out of the 12% of those children living in low-income families, 3.7 million are without insurance. According to the
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