Characteristics Of Modern Mediterranean House

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4.3 Modern Mediterranean housing styles
Modern Mediterranean house are inspired by villas found in countries such as Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. They are know from having low pitched roofs with red terracotta roof tile; arched doorways and windows; stone or stucco exterior wall; and balconies.
Exterior Characteristics:

One Modern Mediterranean Style could be a stucco exterior. Stucco is a type of plaster most commonly used for the exterior of buildings. Traditional stucco is made using lime, sand, and water which is extremely strong and durable. Although there is a second type of stucco which is more commonly used today which used sand, water and Portland cement, this second form is not as durable and is more likely to crack. Other fibres and synthetic acrylics can be added to strengthen the stucco and …show more content…

It ranges from a variety of greys to tans. It is susceptible to acid rain and sometimes it may stain.

Window used in Modern Mediterranean styled house are usually wooden framed and stretch from wall to ceiling which brings in a lot of natural light to the house. The windows are arched.

Entry door for Modern Mediterranean styled houses are very important in making a statement. Doors are arched and have windows. The doors will match the windows and will therefore be wooden. The colour of the doors are dark and very decorative.

The structure of Modern Mediterranean styled flats are low but wide, the floor plan is asymmetrical.

Interior Characteristics:

The interior of a Modern Mediterranean styled home is very bright because of the number of windows and nature light entering. The walls are painted light pale colours close to white to intensify the brightness of the Mediterranean style. Hardwood floors are used to in the bedrooms and bathrooms are tiled with bright patterned tiles on the walls and

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